trick1 [ trık ] noun count **
▸ 1 something unfair/unpleasant
▸ 2 entertainment like magic
▸ 3 something not what it seems
▸ 4 effective way to do something
▸ 5 in card game
1. ) an unfair or unpleasant thing you do in order to harm someone or get an advantage for yourself:
a dirty/cruel/nasty trick: It was a very dirty trick to play on anyone.
a dirty tricks campaign: They had carried out a dirty tricks campaign against a rival airline.
a ) something you do in order to annoy someone or make people laugh at them, often by making them believe something that is not true:
play a trick on someone: I thought he was playing a trick on me.
your eyes are/your memory is playing tricks on you: Was it her, or were my eyes playing tricks on me?
2. ) a way of entertaining people by doing something that looks like magic:
For my next trick, I will make the balls disappear.
do a trick: He does this great trick with a hat and two rabbits.
3. ) something that is not really what it seems to be:
Did she really see a boat, or was it just a trick of the light?
4. ) an effective and skillful way of doing something:
There's a trick to folding up this umbrella.
the trick is: If you want to see her, the trick is to go early.
5. ) the cards that you play or win in one part of a card game
a bag/box of tricks
all of the special or secret methods someone has to help them achieve something
do the trick
to do what is needed in order to achieve something:
Her remedy certainly did the trick.
have a trick of doing something
to have a habit of doing a particular thing:
She had a trick of pausing in the middle of sentences.
have a trick up your sleeve
to have a plan that you can use if you need to
how's tricks? SPOKEN
used when you meet someone to ask how they are
not/never miss a trick
to notice everything that is happening
the oldest trick in the book
a dishonest method of doing something that you know about because it has been used many times before
show/teach someone a trick or two
to help someone by showing them how to do something:
I'm sure I could show you a trick or two to use in your job interview.
the tricks of the trade
quick and effective methods used by experienced people in a particular profession
try/use every trick in the book
to try/use every possible method in order to achieve something
to have sex with someone for money
up to your old/usual tricks
to be doing the same annoying or bad things you usually do
trick 2 [ trık ] verb transitive *
to make someone believe something that is not true:
I suddenly realized that I'd been tricked.
trick someone into doing something: He tricked me into believing that he was somebody famous.
trick someone out of something: You're not the first person to be tricked out of your savings.
,trick `out or ,trick `up phrasal verb transitive usually passive
to decorate something in a particular way or wear a particular set of clothes:
The store was tricked out like a Middle Eastern bazaar.
trick 3 [ trık ] adjective only before noun
1. ) used for tricking someone:
a trick question
2. ) AMERICAN used about a part of the body that is weak and does not work the way it should:
a trick knee

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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